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Looking for Help?

Using the Gateway Mobile App

Using the Gateway Web Version

Getting Started

I registered. Now what?
What file types should I upload to the Gateway?
How do I add employees to the Gateway?
Can I upload video's onto the Gateway?
What can admins do that non-admins cannot?
When I turn on Multi Factor Authentication, does it require it for all employees or just me?

Mobile App

How do I access the Mobile App?
What happens if I get a new phone?
Can I sign up for the Gateway through the app?
I only have access to the app and need to make changes. What do I do?

Common Features

What is an Operations Manual?
What is an SOP (Standard Operating Procedure)
How do I write an SOP?
What happens when I send a notification to the whole team or company?
How do employees contact one another through the Contacts directory?

Account Management

How do I upgrade my subscription to include more users?
How do I change or view my billing information?
How do I downgrade my plan?
What happens if I run out of users available in my plan?
Does the price include operations manual & business continuity plan development?
Can I add extra users and storage?
Is there a discount for paying yearly vs monthly?
How long will it take to get additional users if I upgrade my plan?
How do I cancel my subscription.