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How it Works

Desktop and Mobile illustration

Choose your plan

Choose the plan that fits the size of your company. Simple.

Customize your dashboard

Brand the Gateway to match your company image. Update the Logo & Color Scheme.

Upload documents & files

Add your company documents to the default folders or create your own. All doc file types supported. PDF recommended.

Add your team members

All you need is a name and email. Each team member will be sent an email to complete registration.

The Tempest Team is available by Phone, Email or Zoom to help get you started.

Two Factor

Use your favorite authentication app to enable 2FA at anytime from your profile.

Mobile Apps

Native iOS and Android apps are available now! Search for Tempest Gateway in the Apple Store and Google Play. Once you download, login to your Gateway on the browser and generate a security QR code under Mobile Devices. Scan that into your app and you are all set!

Customize Profile

Easily add your profile image associated with your Awesome new Gateway account!

Your Docs, Your Storage

You can include your Business Continuity Plan or Emergency Operations Quick Reference Guide.